Say What?

Hear what leaders across America are saying about our church:

As a pastor for over 35 years, I can tell when a congregation is destined for success. HOPE is a great church - full of life, integrity, and on fire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
— Mark Beliles, President, Global Transformation Network
I am so encouraged and blessed to be a part of this ministry. As a mother with three children, one in college and two entering college, I’ve seen the importance of what community means to the heart and soul of my own children and the impact it can have during this pivotal season of their lives.
— Kelly Ridgway, Executive Director, Arizona Pharmacy Association
Without question, one of the most innovative and impactful student ministries in the country.
— Jon Bennett, President, Ministry Ventures
Hope’s large community of leaders, students and adults has had a unique and significant impact on the lives of countless students and the broader campus community at ASU.
— Dr. Gary Kinnaman, Pastor at Large, Founder of Grace Association