This first weekend (of a freshman’s experience in college) is a powerful, powerful time frame...students are making decisions for the first time away from their parents and making several decisions in a very rapid succession. This first weekend is either problematic or can be opportunistic. We need you to engage as many of these students as possible.
— University President

Very few freshmen realize how important their first 72 hours on campus will be. When they step foot on a college campus, they want to have fun and make friends fast. Our desire is to connect with students because the decisions they make in those hours can determine the trajectory of their entire college career.

You're invited to our new Hope Church venue for our annual partnership event, Vision 72, on Sunday, April 22nd at 4pm. Come hear how we’re reaching students during their first 72 hours, expanding our ministry and how you can financially partner with us to reach the incoming class of 2022.

Sunday, April 22nd at 4pm

Light refreshments provided after the event.

Westside Multi-Generational Center // 715 W 5th St, Tempe, AZ 85281 // Free Parking