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Join us as we go behind the manger to discover the essence of what Christmas is all about in this 4-week series!




During our college years, there's resistance to answering the transcendent questions of life. But God cares about these years, and the decisions we make in college actually matter. In this series, we're answering one of the most important questions: Why am I here?


In order to help the next generation fulfill their God-given destiny, we have to get spiritually fit!


With so many opinions on love, sex and marriage, it's no wonder we're all confused on how to do relationships. In our new series, Confusion, we will look at God's design and find clarity in the midst of chaos.


Is the death and resurrection of Jesus foolishness? Or is it the power of God in our lives? Pastor Brian's message encouraged us to be real on how we view the cross. 

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In this series, we're learning about the power of taking responsibility for the issues in our lives and how we can walk in true freedom.

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Experience the hope, love, joy and peace Jesus brought into the world over 2,000 years ago through our new series, The Star: A Journey to Christmas! We're celebrating Advent in this 5-week series leading up to Christmas to prepare our hearts for Jesus' birth.

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Have you ever wondered why we ask, "why"? The Bible says God set eternity in our hearts, so the answer is: we're designed to ask "why." Find out answers to questions like how the world began, how it ends and why things are the way they are. 


We believe that as Sun Devils change the college campus, they can change the world. In this three-part series, we'll learn how Jesus changed the world and how He's calling us to follow Him and do the same.


We would all love to be blessed, but how do we know if we're living a blessed life? This series from Gateway Church highlights Biblical principles about how we can live a blessed life and be a blessing to our families, jobs, campus and our city.

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Stuck in the mundane? Hear how Jesus breaks through barriers to reach us during mundane moments in Wendy Smith's message from Mother's Day!


On Easter Sunday, we heard that when we see the cross from God's perspective, it becomes the power of God in our lives.


Have you ever been overwhelmed and felt like God wasn't there? Maybe you've prayed, but God didn't answer the way you hoped? Because of that, you thought God was either angry at you, apathetic toward you or that He abandoned you. 

Throughout this series, we're going to look at some characters in the Bible who felt the exact same way. We're going to learn that just because God is silent doesn't mean He's absent.


Courageous faith is having the courage to hear and obey God in spite of risk and in the face of competing circumstances. Find out how we can live the life God calls us to live in this series!


In every good story, characters face crisis. The Christmas story is no exception. At our Christmas Eve service, we learned about the crisis three characters faced during the first Christmas and how every crisis is an opportunity for us to respond with courageous faith.


We live in a world where so many relationships begin with a Swipe Right. In this series, we're looking at what God's Word says about love, sex and relationships.


We live in a time where there's a powerful struggle that we face as a nation and as individuals against the world, the flesh and the devil.

Our guest speaker, Pastor Mark Buckley, tells his story of how he was delivered from evil and how we can be delivered as well. Hear about the reality of spiritual darkness and the power of Jesus to set us free!


"This hope we have as an anchor for our soul." -Hebrews 6:19


We're all busy. The thing is, in the midst of our busyness, we don't always realize when we're slowly drifting away from God. Eventually it can feel like our lives have drifted way off-course. This series will anchor us in God's Word and live a life full of God's purpose and destiny.

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Learn Jesus' game plan for ministry and how we can live out the Great Commission. This series is based off principles from the book, "The Master Plan of Evangelism," by Robert Coleman.

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Have you ever considered that your life is a chapter in a larger story? This series tells a story of a Creator God, who loves His children and just how far He will go to bless them. As you listen, you'll come to have a greater understanding of your own story!